Cashews Natural (whole) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)

  • Cashews Natural (whole) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)


Cashews Natural (whole) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)


200g free for kilo packaging!

Natural cashew nuts from a premium selection will surely become a taste experience for you too thanks to their delicate taste with a sweet undertone.

Cashew nuts are popular with both children and adults.

For some, they are an integral part of muesli, yogurt or porridge. In addition, they are excellent as an ingredient in rice, salads or various Asian dishes (e.g. Thai curry).

Natural dried fruits and nuts should also not be missing in every healthy snack of our children, because as a snack it is a much more beneficial and healthier choice than processed sweets.

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  • store nuts in a dry and clean place
  • preferably in a closed container


  • see cover


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