Almonds Natural (gently roasted) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)

  • Almonds Natural (gently roasted) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)


Almonds Natural (gently roasted) - 1kg (+ 200g Free)


200g FREE for 1kg package

Dry-roasted almonds from a quality selection from California and Sicily are a taste surprise for most people thanks to their sweet touch with a generous dose of crunch.

In Slowlandia, extreme emphasis is placed on the selection, quality and processing of raw materials, and thanks to this you can really count on absolutely different taste experiences than with ordinary raw materials and products.

These almonds can rightly be called "Premium Class", because they have a full and authentic sweet taste and a unique crunch.

They are roasted in small quantities every day and delivered directly to customers in the shortest possible time.

Such almonds are a clear choice for "snacking" and entertaining you and your loved ones, whether with wine, lemonade or simply "dry".

You can also choose them as part of breakfast, either in muesli, yogurt or porridge.

They are also a great choice as a snack for children at school and on trips (just so you have enough at home...)

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