Don Vanillio

Genuine vanilla Uganda Premium Gourmet (ground) - 10g

  • Genuine vanilla Uganda Premium Gourmet (ground) - 10g

Don Vanillio

Genuine vanilla Uganda Premium Gourmet (ground) - 10g


Hand-selected pods of first-class Ugandan vanilla, which is characterized by a unique earthy aroma with tones reminiscent of a mixture of figs, milk chocolate and raisins, and a full, rich taste.

Vanilla from Uganda is characterized by a higher content of natural vanillin, which can be favored by many ice cream producers, chocolatiers, confectioners or home hobby bakers.

True vanilla is one of the most valuable spices in the world, along with saffron, and has an irreplaceable place in flavoring sweet dishes, creams, desserts, ice cream, chocolate or drinks.

Growing vanilla is very demanding and requires purely manual labor from cultivation to processing and packaging.

Ugandan vanilla is among the products sought after by the world's leading chefs, confectioners and various gourmets due to its impressive quality.

The product is gluten-free, lactose-free and milk protein-free.

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  • dry dark place
  • room temperature


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  • Uganda


  • 100% vanilla planifolia

Nutritional values ​​(100g)

  • Energy (calories)= 311 kcal
  • Protein= 3.14g   
  • Carbohydrates= 63.8g
      • Fat=0g