Dried plums (natural) - 1kg (+ 200g Grátis)

  • Dried plums (natural) - 1kg (+ 200g Grátis)


Dried plums (natural) - 1kg (+ 200g Grátis)


FRESH-DEAL: 200g FREE for every kilo package

Dried natural plums are not only a traditional local dish, they are used in various soups, desserts or main dishes. They also contain a dose of beneficial health effects.

The volume of vitamin K is significant, which is one of the key elements for optimal blood coagulation and is no less important for the proper functioning of the liver, cell regeneration, and has a preventive effect against atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

We offer you finely dried natural plums that are not artificially sweetened.

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  • we recommend storing dried plums in the refrigerator


  • to preserve quality, we recommend consuming the dried fruit within 60 days of delivery


  • France/Czech Republic/Bulgaria